Winter tyres for discerning drivers

Hanover, Germany, October, 2015

Portfolio includes winter tyres for cars and SUVs, special models available for Nordic countries.

Over recent years, General Tire has further expanded its range of winter tyres for cars and SUVs. The current portfolio offers a choice of five models, two of which are studdable for use in Nordic countries, and one is a soft compound tyre, also developed for Nordic markets. As a result, General Tire can equip a wide variety of vehicles with winter tyres designed to meet the needs of European drivers who want specific solutions for their different regional needs. These winter specialists from General Tire feature not only M+S labeling but also the “Snowflake-on-the-Mountain” symbol, indicating that these winter tyres have proven their suitability in a special test.

The Snow Grabber – the studdable SUV winter specialist

The Snow Grabber has been developed with the latest requirements of European and Asian SUV manufacturers in mind. That includes production of “extra-load” models with a higher load-bearing capacity, and a tyre design that takes account of the higher center of gravity of SUV models. The Snow Grabber has been developed for best possible safety in all winter conditions and combines high cornering stability with high traction. As a result, this tyre delivers precision handling and short braking distances – as well as unlimited driving pleasure on snow, gentle off-road terrain and icy roads. Along with the normal tyre there is also a studdable version and General Tire offers a total of 26 sizes. The Snow Grabber is available for rims between 15 and 19 inches with aspect ratios of between 70 and 50 percent and widths of between 205 and 255 millimeters. Depending on the size, these tyres are approved for speeds of up to 240 km/h.

The Altimax Winter Plus – the true expert for the winter

The Altimax Winter Plus is a genuine all-round performer for compact to mid-range cars. The ‘zig-zag’ sipes in the tread blocks offer a high number of edges which, combined with wide longitudinal and lateral grooves, make for added grip on snow and ice, while also ensuring the rapid dispersion of water from beneath the contact patch. Altimax Winter Plus tyres are available in 24 sizes for rims between 13 and 17 inches with aspect ratios of between 80 and 45 percent and widths of between 155 and 225 millimeters. Depending on the version, they are approved for speeds of up to 240 km/h.

The Altimax Nordic – the soft-compound tyre especially for the Nordic countries

The Altimax Nordic tyre is based on a compound that retains its flexibility in the cold and is designed for use in Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic States. Even at low temperatures, it reliably transfers the dynamic forces to snow-covered and icy roads. Its asymmetrical tread with a large number sipes and block edges optimizes traction, braking performance and directional stability. The Altimax Nordic is designed for compact to mid-range cars, while two of the 12 sizes in the portfolio are also suitable for vans. General Tire manufactures these winter tyres for rims between 14 and 17 inches, with aspect ratios of between 65 and 45 percent and in widths between 175 and 225 millimeters. Depending on the size, the Altimax Nordic is approved for speeds of up to 190 km/h.

The Altimax Arctic – the studdable tyre for Arctic conditions

The Altimax Arctic tyre is designed for highest demands at the lowest temperatures. The high number of sipes and edges on the tread make for reliable grip. This tyre is studdable for maximum traction, with a computer-optimized stud pattern on the tread. As a result, it ensures maximum grip on ice and snow as well as increased ride comfort due to low tyre-road noise. This specialist for Arctic conditions is available in ten sizes for rims between 14 and 16 inches and in widths from 175 to 215 millimeters. Like many studded tyres for Nordic conditions it is approved for speeds of up to 160 km/h.

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